looking at art


Touch the Arts is dedicated to bringing famous works of art to the fingertips of the Blind. Working in collaboration with Museums as well as the American Printing House for the Blind Tactile Library our vision is to disseminate educational tactile - touchable - art to educators of the Blind on a global level. Accompanied by descriptive guides available in multiple languages, these graphics are raised line interpretations that enable the Visually Challenged to feel the visual world. Through this first ever online outreach program reaching over 10,000 teachers in 63 countries we aim to bring art to Blind all over the world.  
In 2020 after 20 years of developing tactile educational art programs, Founder Denise Lasprogata realized that by working together with the American Printing House Tactile Library she could team up to efficiently share existing tactiles at Museums (and create also ones if needed) to bridge the gap between famous art collections and the Blind. With the global travel restrictions, limited financial resources and museum closures, there needed to be a more expansive and effective means to share educational materials already developed by Museums with Educators of the Blind all over the world on a digital platform.